Welcome to Jessica Mauboy . com

This site reflects the changes and control that Jessica has experienced in her few years in the entertainment industry, starting as a youngster singing with a lovely voice and warm personality, to the highly controlled and manicured 'artist' she is today. The move from innocence to raunchy sexy manipulation of her full public persona has been created in order to maximise her selling ability as an 'artist'.

Many artists today cannot sell their songs without video clips and a particular image purposefully crafted to maximise the viewing public's demand for whatever is 'hot flavour' for the current time. Manipulation on Social Media, control thru engines like Twitter and FBook, all add to the runaway engine control over you, the public, like never before.

Stop and ask your self this: Is this person (or any other for that matter) actually as good as they are being "sold" to you... or are they just ...well..  so so.?

Remember the main and almost singular purpose here is to take your money...sell you intangible items and remove your ability to think for yourself.

If you treat entertainers as they should be treated....just entertainers, and not 'stars', then you are ok. But if you think that these people are more significant than a school teacher, a paramedic, a shop assistant, or any other job, then you have your priorities wrong.

Now, if you like the music being "produced" by Jess (as if she is producing it...go figure...!) then you can get the latest work using a torrent engine (perfectly safe) such as Vuse. Get started with this torrent link right now: click here

Keep watching...we have many social issues to share...especially about the way Australians treat indigenous people in this country. And exploit them. Somethings of which Australia should be ashamed.